Advanced Experience System

Multimod experience system with ranks, bonuses and API.

Addon plugins:

  • Main plugin [ aes_main ]
    • Used for save player experience into database.
    • Determines experience for levels and ranks.
    • Main API.
  • Experience collector [ aes_exp_cstrike ]
    • How players will increase their experience and receive bonus points.
    • Experience calculating.
  • Informer [ aes_informer ]
    • Information messages in HUD or chat.
  • Bonus system [ aes_bonus_system ]
    • Bonus menu, where players can spent their bonus points.
    • Bonus item on spawn for current rank.
  • Admin tools [ aes_exp_editor ]
    • Admin menu for edit experience, set level or add bonus points for player.

With additional plugins can be as free alternative of Army Ranks Ultimate.

Version: 0.4 [04.02.14] [ SVN ]

Discussion forums: AlliedMods.

Supported mods:

  • Counter-Strike (aes_exp_cstrike, with csstats.dat database support).


AMXX 1.8.2 hg26 or higer. You can run AES on lower version, but stats.ini file database will not work correctly.

You can easy update your AMXX  by replace (amxmodx_mm.dll) file from version 1.8.2. Last version can be found here.


  • Extract archive to your amxmodx folder.
  • Enable all plugins in plugins-aes.ini.
  • Default configuration at least requires enabled main plugin and experience collector for mod.


You can find configuration files in folder addons/amxmodx/configs/aes. Main configuration file aes.cfg executing on map change and contains AES plugins cvars.

Experience collectors:

Currently is only available for Counter-Strike (and CZ).

CStrike (aes_exp_cstrike):

This collector can calculate experience by player's stats from CSStats.  Set aes_db_type for 0 if you want experience calculation from csstats.dat database. Admin tools plugin is not available in this mode.

This collector will give experience points for:

  • Killing.
  • Death.
  • Headshots.
  • Bomb plant.
  • Bomb explode.
  • Bomb defuse.
  • Hostage got.
  • Hostage rescue.
  • Rescue as V.I.P. on as maps.
  • V.I.P. assassination on as maps.

Bonus points for:

  • Killstreak.
  • Headshot streak.
  • Knife kill streak.
  • Grenade kill streak.


Informer is used for show HUD and chat messages. From version 0.4 added formating mode, with this mode you can format your messages by template. All templates you can find in aes.txt dictionary file.

  • AES_HUD_TPL - HUD informer for alive player.
  • AES_HUD_TPL_D - HUD informer for spectator or dead player.
  • AES_NEWLEVEL_TPL - level up message in chat for player.
  • AES_NEWLEVEL_ALL_TPL - level up message in chat for all.


  • <exp> - current experience.
  • <levelexp> - level experience.
  • <needexp> - needed experience to level up.
  • <level> - numeric value of current level.
  • <maxlevel> - numeric value of max level.
  • <rank>  - player's rank.
  • <name> - player's name.
  • <steamid>  - player's SteamID.
  • \n - new line symbol.

Bonus system:

Original idea from Army Ranks Ultimate plugin. Unlike Army Ranks Ultimate, you can specify your own bonus items, not just enable/disable hardcoded items Bonus configuration file - addons/amxmodx/configs/aes/bonus.ini.

Configuration bonus system similar to the plugin HLPresents.

There is 2 segments:

  • [spawn] - sets bonus items on spawn.
  • [bonus_menu] - bonus items in /anew menu.

Every new item must be started with  <give>  or <call> construction .

  • <give> - gives item specified in  item field.
  • <call> - call function from other plugin.

Configuration fields:

  • item - item classname for construction <give>.
  • name - item name in menu, you can use LANG_ prefix for use dictionary aes.txt
  • levels - sets how many items should player get for each level. Items give count for <give>. Passing as 2nd parameter in <call>. Use -1 for dont call function on this level.
  • plugin - plugin file name for <call> .
  • function - function name in plugin for <call> . 1st parameter - players id, 2nd parameter - value from levels field.
  • points - bonus points for use this item in /anew menu.

Counter-Strike bonuses requires aes_bonus_cstrike plugin to run.

Bonus items in menu:

  • M4A1 +ammo.
  • AK47 +ammo.
  • AWP +ammo.
  • 10000$.
  • 200HP.
  • MegaGrenade (300% more damage)
  • MegaDeagle (200% more damage).

Bonus items on spawn:

  • HE grenade.
  • Flashbang grenade.
  • Smoke grenade.
  • Defuse kit.
  • Night vision.
  • Armor.
  • HP.


For players:

  • say /aenable - enable/disable informer.
  • say /anew - open bonus menu.

For admins:

  • aes_recalc - recalc players experience. [RCON]
  • aes_exp_menu - open admin menu. [CVAR]
  • aes_exp_menu_set "<name, steamid or id>" "<experience>" - set player's experience. [СVAR]
  • aes_exp_menu_level "<name, steamid or id>" "<level>" - set player's level. [CVAR]



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