AES: Status Info


Addon plugin for AES. Allows you to modify the status info about aiming player. You can add player experience or rank in status info.

Version: 0.1 [ SVN ]


  • aes_status_friend "1 %c1: %p2\n2 %h: %i3%%" - template for teamate status info.
  • aes_status_enemy "1 %c1: %p2" - template for enemy status info.

Template keys:

  • 1 - following text after this key will have auto-hide option. This means its hide when there is no enemy in sight.
  • %с1 - Enemy or Friend.
  • %p2 - name of player in sight. Will be **** if there is no player in sight.  Also status info with this parameter will be colored in enemy team color.
  • %h -  the Health.
  • %i3 - player hp. Only for status_friend.
  • %% - percent symbol.
  • \n - newline symbol.
  • 2 - following text after this key will only visible in status fried.

AES keys:

  • <exp> - experience.
  • <nxp> - need experience for level-up.
  • <lvl> - player level.
  • <mvl> - max level.
  • <rnk> - player rank.





  • Put plugin configuration at end of aes.cfg file:


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  • У меня почему-то не работает стандартный status info показывает (

    cvar[CVAR_FRIEND] = register_cvar("aes_status_friend","1 %c1: %p2 Звание:")
    cvar[CVAR_ENEMY] = register_cvar("aes_status_enemy","1 %c1: %p2 Звание:")

    • А

      не забыл для отображения звания?

      Вот что будет:

      И квары лучше всего вписывать в основной конфигурационный файл aes.cfg.