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AES: StatsX CStrike

amxmodx statsx with mysql support

New StatsX plugin with AES and CSstatsX SQL support. Redesigned in Army Ranks StatsX style, Added new formulas: K:D, HS%, Skill by K:D. and new MOTD with current top players on the server (/hot command).

With CSstatsX SQL API support:

  • Skill is now using ELO method.
  • Online time for /top15 and /rank commands.
  • MOTD with player match history (/history or /sestats commands),
  • Player weapons usage in /rankstats.
  • Connects and rounds stats in /rankstats.

With AES API support:

  • Player experience and ranks in /top15 and /rank commands.


SF Warn Menu

sf warn menu

Меню предупреждений игрокам с возможностью выбора причины. Бесплатная альтернатива New Kick Menu. Есть поддержка мультиязычности и квара amx_show_activity. (more…)