With this plugin you can spawn the gifts on map. In the gifts players can find weapons, ammo or any other item that you put in it. You can create many types of gifts by simple configure them in configuration file.

Version: 0.1 [18.12.13] [ SVN ]
Discussion forums: AGHL.RU

This plugin requires AMXX version 1.8.2 or higer. Running this plugin on lower version will lead server to freeze on startup.


  • hlp_point <1|2|4> - spawn point positions. You can enable several ways to spawn at same time by sum their bits. For example, value 5 will enable spawn points from file and item spawn points, because 4 + 1.
    • 0 — don't spawn presents.
    • 1 — use spawn points file.
    • 2 — use death origins.
    • 4 — use items spawn points (weapons and ammo positions and etc.).
  • hlp_spawn_mode <0/1/2/3> - spawn mode.
    • 0 — don't spawn presents.
    • 1 — respawn presents by time.
    • 2 — same as 1, but time don't resets after map change.
    • 3 — use Half-Life spawn system. Gifts will respawn at random time and will have limited life time. New gifts will not spawn until someone not picked up existing gift or its lifetime is not expired.
  • hlp_spaw_time - sets respawn time in seconds.
    • For modes 1 and 2 sets respawn time.
    • For mode 3 sets maximum time between spawns.
  • hlp_count - maximum presents on map.
  • hlp_render <-1/random/"r g b"> - gift render color.
    • -1 — disable gift render.
    • random – random color.
    • "r g b" - sets render color in RGB format.
  • hlp_floating <1/0> - enable/disable gift floating.
  • hlp_dlight <1/0> - enable/disable dlight.


Configuration file is addons/amxmodx/configs/HLPresents/settings.ini.

[cvars] segment used to set plugin's cvars.

[presents] segment used for configure gifts. Every new gift's configuration must be started and ended with <>.

Configuration structure:

  • model – model for gift.
  • sound_spawn – gift respawn sound.
  • sound_pickup – gift pickup sound.
  • chance - gift respawn change.
  • gifts – item in the present.
    • -1 or all — random item.
    • 0 — no item.
    • 1,2,3,4,5,6 – item from [gifts] block. First item is always 1 and etc.

[gifts] segment used to configure items for gifts. Every new item configuration must be started and ended with <>. Item can be weapon, ammo or function in other plugin.

Configuration structure:

  • chance – item drop chance.
  • give weapon or ammo:
    • give – separate items with comma. Example:

      this will give shotgun with full ammo.
  • function call from another plugin:
    • plugin – plugin file name.
    • function – function name. 1st parametr - player's id.
      Пример конструкции:

Spawn menu:

This menu let you create spawn point files for spawn mode 1. Menu command is hlp_spawn_menu. You need ADMIN_RCON access.

  • Add spawn position — add spawn position by aim.
  • Remove spawn position — remove spawn positino by aim.
  • Save spawn positions — save all spawn points. All spawn points files stored in addons/amxmodx/configs/HLPresents/maps folder.





Icon of HLPresents HLPresents.7z (46.3 KiB)

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