HLTV voice record fix

LOLS_IN_HLDMHow to troubleshoot hltv voice record.I know few reasons where hltv can't record voice chat:

You are using HLDS VoiceTranscoder plugin, which corrects the voice problems of non steam (old clients) and steam (new clients) players. Fix was made by Chuvi, great thanks to him :) Fix plugins requires Orpheu module to run. Fix works for build 6027 or higher

I recommend to disable plugin debug by vtc_hltv_debug.

Icon of VTC Fix VTC_Fix.sma (13.6 KiB)

Bug where on HLTV you can hear players voice who are connected before HLTV. Great thanks to Safety1st for troubleshooting and tests. Fix was made by me.

Icon of HltvVoiceFix hltvVoiceFix.sma (475.0 B)

Also i see some scripters doesn't checks HLTV while working with voice chat in theirs amxx plugins. So disable all plugins related to voice chat and recheck hltv voice record.

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